Gnomio watches for Windows Phone

What is Gnomio?

Gnomio – watches with Bluetooth connectivity to Windows Phone 8 notifying you through soft vibration about incoming calls, emails and messages.

With Gnomio you can install apps from Windows Phone Store via smartphone extending device potential. Minimum of action – a couple of taps and application is installed. 

Minimalistic and stylish design of Gnomio lets it easily fit into your everyday life. Gnomio fresh – vivid colors and light streamline case or anodized aluminum Gnomio Strong watches. 

New mini devices market – smart watches – appears today. These devices have some advantages over smartphones proved by increasing popularity of smart watches: 

  • Quick access to the incoming information – you can leave your smartphone with a dim sound on a table, in a bag, in your over clothes and don’t hear the call while Gnomio watches doesn’t have this disadvantage. With Gnomio to stay in touch is easy – Gnomio reminds you through soft vibration about incoming calls, sms, emails without disturbing others by sound signals
  • You keep staying in touch, but your hands are absolutely free and you don’t get distracted with constant search for smartphone

Functions embedded applications Gnomio

  • Notification of incoming and missed calls
  • SMS and email notification
  • Facebook and Twitter messages
  • Сalendar reminders, timer
  • Weather
  • The player controls
  • Reminders of low battery charge smartphone
  • Search feature phone

Gnomio Watch for Windows Phone 8

Specification Gnomio


  • ARM 270 MHz
  • DDR2 64MB
  • Flash memory is 8GB
  • OS - Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Distribution of applications - Windows Phone Store
  • Wireless technology - Bluetooth 3.0 / 4.0


  • Color, glossy, high screen with a diagonal of 1.54 inches
  • Resolution of 240x240 pixels
  • Management - touch screen, capacitive

Power and battery

  • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
  • In the "Clock" - 7 days
  • In the active mode of operation - 24 hours


  • Three-axis gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor

Inputs and outputs

  • Built-in speaker
  • Microphone
  • Vibration motors
  • 3,5-mm stereo headphone jack (minijack)
  • Micro USB

Scope of supply

  • Gnomio, in the body as a watch
  • Cable for power supply USB - micro USB

Gnomio is an open platform for independent application developers. Application developers can offer better options for solving problems unknown at the moment of Gnomio development.

Gnomio platform advantages for independent application developers:

  • Chance to enter new smart watches market
  • Microsoft Visual Studioeasy development environment
  • Gnomio apps distribution through efficient Windows Phone Store tool

Gnomio apps examples

  •   Reception of social media messages and stock exchange signals
  •   Dictaphones and players
  •   Sport apps – speed and distance tracking

Many companies are attempting to use smartphone as a remote control tool, but this approach has one disadvantage – you don’t have smartphone at hand constantly. Gnomio is much more useful than smartphones here.

Remote control usage examples

Smart Home system:

  • Light control
  • Automated roller and other kinds of shutters control
  • TV, player control

Three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer enable to integrate Gnomio with:

  • Virtual games
  • Helicopter and automobile models control

  Gnomio apps purchase from Windows Phone Store procedure

Applications for Gnomio on Windows Embedded operating system base can’t be presented on Windows Phone Store, but even if it would be possible, this option will not be efficient in this case.

Our version is the container application wrote for Windows Phone which will undertake tasks of application delivery from Windows Phone Store to Gnomio.

Container application functions:

  • Packing of Gnomio app on Windows Embedded OS base inside of the Windows Phone application
  • Presentation of application in Windows Phone Store
  • After it’s purchase and downloading to smartphone Gnomio app is being extracted from the container and sent to devices wirelessly

Developers do not need to develop container application, you can download it FREE on a supporting website with SDK to Gnomio. All the development tools ARE DISTRIBUTED FOR FREE. To start your development you need to have application development tools for Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS and one of Gnomio devices.

Gnomio Watch for Windows Phone 8

Gnomio fresh in a streamlined plastic case. Color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red.

Gnomio Watch for Windows Phone 8

Gnomio Strong in anodized aluminum. Color: White, Black

Gnomio Watch for Windows Phone 8


We began development of the device in March, 2012 and by this time have completed the work with hardware component of the device and started software development. We aren’t going to create our own operating system or our own app store. We minimize our risks using tried-and-true components – architecture of the system based on APM processor, Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS and Windows Phone Store.

Here is our timeline for putting Gnomio into your hands:


  • Final stage of design and certification process for Gnomio and Maker tools


  • Certification completed for Gnomio
  • Injection molding and final packaging design


  • Volume manufacturing of Gnomio


  • Distribution – Indiegogo backers get their Gnomio
  • SDK ready for Developers and Makers 

Gnomio innovations

  • Gnomio is developed for Windows Phone 8
  • Easy procedure of Gnomio apps purchase on Windows Phone Store – as easy as the one for smartphones
  • Unique device Windows Phone 8 OS-oriented system
  • Choice of colors and designs of the case to your taste